Why should you migrate to Australia?

Australia gives equal opportunity when it comes to migration, In the early days Australia followed the controversial white policies and only allowed entry to people from European & American countries. Nowadays Asians are the most qualified number of migrants to Australia under the skilled migration route, especially Indians are the second-highest to Australia next to the UK.

Australia is chosen for a higher quality of life and beautiful diversity. If you are planning to settle in Australia, there are many things you should know. Australia consists of beautiful landscapes, outback areas, and beautiful beaches. It is also known for its great employment opportunities because of the education standards, high lifestyle, better infrastructure, and so on.

Continent or Country

Australia is the planet's sixth-largest country after Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil, it is the world's largest island. The distance between Ukraine and Portugal is less than Perth and Sydney. There is so much to see and explore in this beautiful country. Australia is the only continent that has no connections to any other landmasses and can not be accessed by land from any other country.

Varying Weather

The weather is not the same throughout the country, though the hot or cold months tend to equalize everywhere. Brisbane has more of a tropical climate and Melbourne can have all four seasons in one day!! Perth with Darwin topping the dry months.

Good Healthcare

Medicare is the healthcare system in Australia. It is one of the best healthcare systems in the world and covers all the payments of hospitalization and other medical expenses. This is a very assuring offer from the Australian government to the citizens and permanent residents.

City Life

90% of Australians live in the main cities situated around the coastal regions of the country. There are so many places in Australia that are good for settlement. Sydney and Melbourne are your priority as they are one of the bigger cities. People are encouraged to move to the regional areas where the lifestyle is equally good and of high quality.

Different Wildlife

The wildlife in Australia is crucial to the ecosystem and significant to the country. There are a few native animals such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and more! In Australia, we make sure to take care of our wildlife as some of them are slowly becoming extinct.

Respect the Workers

Australians care about the rights of workers. Australia is the first country to implement a 40-hour workweek. They also pay the highest minimum wage in the world. The people of Australia earn 20.33 AUD per hour. So the low-income workers are very less compared to other countries.

Sports Lovers

Australians are sports lovers and are home to AFL which can be described as an Australian twist of American football. Australia is also known for its beautiful beaches that are great for a swim, surfing, and going out with family or friends.

Basic Road Rules

The road signs of Australia are different, you must drive on the left-hand side. The Australian authorities tend to impose fines and demerit points for speeding and other traffic violations. Another newly implemented rule is that you can be charged for the use of your phone while driving.

Hence Australia is becoming among the most sought-after countries for immigrants to make their home away from home! The health facilities, infrastructures, quality of education, and overall excellent lifestyle with pleasant weather conditions encourage all to stay and make the land down under their own home.


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