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Skilled-Recognised Graduate Subclass 476 Visa

This visa permits recent engineering graduates to work and study in Australia. This is a short-term visa. Visitors to Australia are usually permitted to remain for up to 18 months. To be eligible for subclass 476, you must be under 31 years old and have obtained a higher qualification from a reputable institution within the last two years.As a result, in order to qualify for this visa, you must score at least 50 points on the PTE or 6 bands on the IELTS. When you apply, you can add family members in your application.


When you apply, you can add family members in your application.Skilled-Recognized Graduate (subclass 476) visa holders with Covid-19 overseas travel restrictions may be eligible for a visa extension. To be eligible for a visa extension, you must currently have a Skilled-Recognized Graduate (subclass 476) visa that was awarded before 14 December 2021 and will expire on or after 1 February 2020. You left Australia on a category 476 visa between 1 February 2020 and 14 December 2021, and your visa was not suspended. 


Almost 3,000 eligible people with Skilled-Recognized Graduate (subclass 476) visas will have their visas extended until April 14, 2024 on April 5, 2022. If you meet the requirements, you may apply for permanent residency while in Australia. Both domestic and foreign candidates are eligible for this visa.


Cost of application

The fee to apply for this visa is: AUD 425.00



  • You must be less than 31 years of age.
  • You have earned a qualifying engineering degree from a reputable institution within the last two years.
  • you have never previously had a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) or a Skilled — Recognised Graduate (subclass 476) visa.
  • You can show off your command of the English language.
  • You are morally and physically fit.

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